MegaEdge front and back
MegaEdge pinches
MegaGrip Fingerboard EDGES
MegaGrip Fingerboard Pair
MegaGrip Fingerboard SINGLE
MegaEdge incline
MegaEdge flat
MegaEdge decline
MegaEdge pinch 110mm
MegaEdge pinch 78mm
MegaEdge pinch 46mm

MegaEdge Portable Hangboard Rock Climbing Fingerboard | 10-35mm edges, 110, 80, 45mm pinches


  • The most densely compact portable hangboard on the market.
  • 6 edges (10mm-35mm, at 3 angles), 3 pinches (110mm, 78mm & 46mm) plus finger holds in each corner.
  • 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm deep holds (large comfortable radius edge) on the front, 15mm & 10mm deep holds (smaller radius edge for solid grip) on the back.
  • Reduce the depth in increments of 1mm with our custom made MegaGrip Spacers (3 x 1mm & 3 x 2mm spacers).
  • Cross Grain Birch Plywood for superior strength and rigidity
  • 3 strengths of Flex extensor bands for FREE per fingerboard. We want to help you minimise injuries and have strong fingers so you can enjoy what you love.
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The most densely compact portable hangboard on the market.

lightweight portable climbing fingerboard set.

Each portable hangboard comes with a set of 6 MegaGrip Spacers (3 x 1mm & 3 x 2mm) allowing you to decrease the depth of the edges in steps of 1mm to allow every possible edge up to 35mm.

MegaEdge portable hangboard MegaGrip Spacers

Similar to our Triangle Hangboard the central located 8mm hole allows for quick and easy edge selection and the ability to mount direct to the wall with an 8mm bolt.  This allows for the rotation of your joints while hanging, greatly reducing the risk of injury.  This is also an opportunity to understand your rotational weaknesses as you will naturally turn away from your weakest side.  Holding steady at a variety of angles will allow you to engage and improve on this.

3 angles (Flat, Incline, Decline)

MegaGrip angles

If you use the Overhead Loop Knot (see assembly instructions below) at each end you can use a variety of angles for even greater versatility.  Alternatively you can use the Fisherman’s Knot to tie both ends together for easy attachment to resistance bands, kettle bells or pull-up bars.

3 pinches (110mm, 78mm & 46mm)

MegaEdge pinches

We try to make our products as compact as possible while maximising it’s utility with multiple functionality.  The more convenient and useful a product is to use and travel with the more often it will be used.  This adds greater value to your purchase as it makes it easier for you to train and develop finger strength.

FREE set of FingerFlex Bands

FingerFlex Bands

3 strengths of FingerFlex bands for FREE per fingerboard.  We want to help you minimise injuries and have strong fingers so you can enjoy what you love.  Train those extensor muscles!  It is very important to train with resistance in the opposite direction that you are used to so as not to produce an imbalance and increase the chance of injuries or pain.

Large radius corners for comfort

Corners have a large radius on the main side (20-35mm) and smaller on the 10mm and 15mm side for extra levels of comfort.  There is always the option of sanding the corners down with some rough coarse sand paper to get the perfect edge you desire.