Climbing File MINI SIDE GREY
Climbing File MINI SIDE GREY
Climbing File MINI SIDE GREY

Climbing File | Curved | MINI


  • Rock Climbing Skin Sander File for Fingers, Nails and Hands
  • Double sided, 80 & 120 grit
  • 2 replacement pads
  • Two sides help to file down small to large callouses and help smooth and even out areas.
  • The Grey 80 grit is a more finer sand paper that can be used for lighter smoothing out. The Black 120 grit is more coarse and generally most often use.
  • Ergonomic Emery Board & Sanding Block
  • Helps file or sand down bulbous callouses. Protruding callouses can catch on sharp holds and rip open into flappers or blisters.
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Our MINI Climbing File is ultimate portable skin sander! 

Perfect for smoothing out hands, finger tips and nails to improve hand care and minimise injuries when climbing.  A climbing file is an essential part of kit in order to maximise skin health and time on the wall.  Don’t tear your skin, it takes a long time to heal.  If you want to maximise the time you spend enjoy climbing, then this is the perfect tool for the job.

The most portable climbing file from our range.  You have quick access when you need it and the MINI sander is great to the perfect travel buddy.  Hang it from anywhere with the threaded loop so you have quick and easy access.  The more convenient a product is for you to use the more you will use it.  With this in mind be sure to keep those calluses sanded down in order to prevent any tears.  Prevent flappers of blisters from occurring and ruining your climb.

Double Sided (Coarse & Fine)

Climbing File MINI layout 3 sides

Lightly smooth out areas with the Grey 80 grit as it is a more finer sand paper. The Black 120 grit is more coarse and generally most often use.  The kit comes with 2 replacements self-adhesive pads, 1 black and 1 grey in order to maximise the longevity of the tool.

Curved Ergonomic Climbing File Shape

Climbing File MINI SIDE GREY

The curve of the wood matches the curvature of your hands and digits.  This slight curved helps file down rough patches, peeling skin and callouses.  For greater angles and curvatures you should definitely check out our MAX version which has much greater functionality, albeit in a slightly larger format.


Climbing File MINI SIDE GREY

Take the ultimate portable climbing file anywhere with you, it’s basically as long and as wide as you finger.  Stretching to a length of 90mm, a width of 22mm, and a height of 5mm, this compact tool can fit anywhere.