Gym Ring Hangboard
Muscle Mountain Exercise Rings Fingerboard OUTSIDE round
Muscle Mountain Exercise Rings Fingerboard OUTSIDE flat
Muscle Mountain Exercise Rings Fingerboard DEPTHS PLY
Muscle Mountain Exercise Rings Fingerboard DIMENSIONS
Gym Ring Hangboard Layout

Exercise Rings with Hangboard | Wood, 32mm thick, 26mm, 16mm & 10mm edges

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  • Cross Grain Birch Plywood for superior strength and rigidity
  • Gym ring with finger hangboard ( 32mm thick, 10, 16mm and 26mm edges)
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32mm thick Exercise Rings with Triple Hangboard Edges made from Cross Grain Birch Plywood for Superior Strength and Rigidity.

We develop our products with portability and functionality in mind.  We try to maximise functionality in a compact package in order to make it more convenient to use and travel with.  The goal is that this will result in greater utility and more use, maximising your own strength in a variety of ways.  Using this methodology we have incorporated a multi-functional exercise gym ring into a climbing fingerboard.  We divided the 32mm exercise rings into three sections; round, flat, curved so you have a 50% standard exercise rings and two optional flat and ergonomically curved jugs. We also added 26mm, 16mm and 10mm edges for climbers to improve finger strength.

Exercise rings are a great tool for all-round upper-body and core strength training.  The belt single point suspension means that it will twist and turn away from your weaker side so you can hone in and develop greater stability.  The 3 metre long adjustable straps allow for a variety of height for dips, pull-ups, muscle ups, chin ups and push ups.  The instability and rotation means you develop greater all-round strength and focus in order to build a long lasting bullet proof body.

If you are looking for an XL exercise gym ring (40mm thick) we recommend you check out our Chunky Monkey Gym Rings with detachable push up bar for multi-functional use.

Exercise Rings divided sections

Three sections:

  1. 32mm standard round gym ring edge (50%)
  2. 32mm rounded flat edge (25%)
  3. 32mm ergonomically rounded and curved jug for comfort (25%)

Muscle Mountain exercise rings with fingerboard ROUND edge

Muscle Mountain exercise rings fingerboard FLAT section

Muscle Mountain exercise rings fingerboard CURVED section

Fingerboard Edge Depths

26mm, 16mm & 10mm deep edges.

The edge corners have a 8mm radius curve for comfort, but can be sanded down by hand in order for the perfect customised fit.

instructions straps set 1
instructions straps set 2
instructions straps set 3