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Foot Balance Beam
Foot Balance Beam
Balance Beam
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Foot balance beam for hip stability, ankle and foot mobility (100cm)

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  • Problem solving balance training for your foot and lower leg.
  • 100cm Hardwood balance beam with cork support stands.
  • FREE cork massage ball.
  • FREE toe separators.
  • FREE toe bands that double as support stand wraps.

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Foot Balance Beam

 Our feet and hands are surprisingly similar in terms of evolution and innovation of musculature.  The difference is that we spend our entire lives with our feet tightly wrapped up in socks or shoes.  It’s like wearing tight mittens on your hands most your life and then expecting them to perform as well as they have evolved to.  Our Foot Balance Beam is a versatile training tool for lower leg variability to re-engage and re-train what the modern life has taken away from us.

In order to get your feet back to where they should be naturally, we have to re-learn and re-train a lot of this stuff.   This is where our Foot Balance Beam can facilitate.  Balance training on our 50mm beam will help stretch, re-align and strengthen the intrinsic musculature of the feet.  Using regularly will increase general core strength and posture by mobilising hip and ankle stability essential for balance.  It helps you train and maintain lower leg variability which is an integral part of balance which is increasingly obvious as we age.  The older we are the greater the consequences for losing your balance.  Training in this way will put the body in awkward positions and help strengthen and utilise your body.

Quick Start Guide

Start off slowly and ease your way in on one leg, allowing your other leg to support you.  Slowly ease of the other leg until it is freely off the ground.  Once you have this, you can build up and switch feet, move back and forth, side-ways, lengthways, backwards and squat.  You are free to play and enjoy. 

Multiple uses

The beam works as a great massage as well as a mobility tool.  Balancing and moving on the beam will inevitably roll out and massage your feet, however, you can use the beam in creative ways to roll your arches and heels and relieve tension separately.  This can reduce pain by breaking up knots and scar-tissue which can restrict movement.  By doing so you will increase flexibility, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Raw birch wood finish allows for fantastic grip.

The raw wood finish of the foot balance beam allows for excellent grip when barefoot.  The hardwood allows for exceptional strength and rigidity.

If you are interested in maintaining low leg mobility then check out our Foot Balance Board, which is is a versatile, ultra light & portable balance training tool for lower leg variability.


 We want to help with your foot health and provide you with what we believe to be essential products to maximise your well-being.

FREE toe separators

Ease into your foot care routine with our versatile and accommodating toe separators. Crafted from smooth silicone, these separators are free from latex and seamlessly accommodate various foot shapes. Tight-fitting shoes can disrupt natural foot alignment, leading to bunions and foot discomfort. Our toe separators gently widen the spaces between your toes, helping them regain their natural position and alleviate pain. Additionally, the plantar fascia, a tendon running from your heel to your toes, is stretched by these separators, making them an ideal tool for treating and preventing plantar fasciitis. Use them while engaging with our balance beam and cork massage ball to enhance their benefits.

Toe Separators on feet


FREE toe bands

A pair of toe bands can help stretch out your big toes and re-align any bunions that have developed over decades of wearing narrow shoes.

They also double as cork beam support stand wraps that provide a versatile way to attach the cork stands to the beam, making them both movable and stable.

Toe band on feet and on beam

FREE cork massage ball

Our cork massage ball will help you roll out and release muscle and tendon tension in your foot.  Similar to a lacrosse ball but more grippy, you can work on different angles on different areas of the arch, toes and around the heel and apply pressure and find spots that are tight and work on them.  Areas that you can’t reach you can poke around with your thumb and fingers closer to the bone.

cork ball