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SteadySole Foot balance board and lower leg mobility trainer

Original price was: £79.95.Current price is: £57.95.

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  • Problem solving balance training for your foot and lower leg.
  • A great way to prevent the risk of future injuries by strengthening and adding to the musculature of your feet.
  • Multiple variations and difficulty levels in all areas of your feet.
  • Velcro 50mm and 30mm hardwood domes make it easy to adjust balance difficulty levels.
  • Cross Grain Birch Plywood for Superior Strength and Rigidity.
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Our Foot Balance Board is a versatile, 

ultra light & portable training tool 

for lower leg variability.

Our foot balance board will help you re-train your feet and optimise balance and strength in your lower legs.  Our feet and hands are surprisingly similar in terms of evolution and innovation of musculature.  The difference is that we spend our entire lives with our feet tightly wrapped up in socks or shoes.  It’s like wearing tight mittens on your hands most your life and then expecting them to perform as they have evolved to.

Foot Balance Board gif 50mm

In order to get your feet back to where they should be naturally, we have to re-learn a lot of this stuff.   This is where our Foot Balance Board helps.  It is obvious that balance is vital and this is increasingly important as you age.  The older you are the greater the consequences for losing your balance.  It’s a great way to prevent the risk of future injuries by strengthening and adding to the musculature of your feet.

Foot Balance Board Domes

It is especially useful for anyone hiking or rucking, or anyone walking on uneven surfaces, especially with an extra load on their back. You are putting your feet and ankles under additional load, and a tool like the SteadySole is a great way to ensure that you are appropriately strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot enough so that you don’t get injured.

Foot Balance Board gif 30mm

We believe that the more convenient a product is to travel with, the more often it will be used.  This not only increases the value of the product but also the effectiveness of it.  You will find that you will use it more often which will tremendously help with improvements with balance and foot musculature.


  Start off with 4 domes in each corner of the smaller section where the heel goes.  Then position 2 domes along the length of the larger section down the middle, 1 near the pivot point of the board and the other under the ball of your foot (the joint that connect the toes to the foot). The back of your foot is stable but the front of your foot is not.  This trains lower leg variability, which is important for balance. It helps to re-engage the muscles in the front of the foot, which are vital for balance.

Foot Balance Board BACK & SIDE 50mm

Quick Start

Start by putting all of your weight on both legs with a 50:50 distribution just see if you have the ability to distribute weight through the intrinsic musculature of the foot.  From there, build up and start shifting weight distribution from the supporting leg onto the foot balance board until you can fully support yourself and balance on one leg.  20-30 seconds on one leg without touching the side of the board with the floor is a good day.


Raw birch wood finish allows for fantastic grip

The raw wood finish of the foot balance board allows for very great grip barefoot or even with socks.  The cross-grain plywood allows for exceptional strength and rigidity.  We use maple hardwood for the domes for a superior level of hardness.

Long & Wide.

The foot balance board is extra wide and extra long as standard to accommodate all foot sizes up to; UK 15, EU 51, US 16.  If you are interested in other products related to foot health and balance then check out our Foot Balance Beam which is another great balance training and foot massage tool.  The foot in the video is an extremely wide size UK 9, US 10, EU 43. Smaller feet work just as well, this is a one size fits all universal product.

We want to help with your foot health and provide you with what we believe to be essential products to maximise your well-being.

FREE toe separators

Start with our toe separators.  We provide a very flexible pair that will fit most foot types.   Made from silicone (no latex) so you won’t have any issues.  Shoes are often very narrow and restrict & constrict the natural foot alignment that can cause bunions and foot pain.  These separators will provide spacers between the toes and help splay out the digits to help them re-align and return them to their natural position.  Also, the plantar facia tendon runs from your heel to your toes and the toe separators stretch this out so they are perfect for treating and preventing plantar fasciitis.  Use them while you balance on our foot balance board for maximum gains.

Toe Separators

FREE toe bands

A pair of toe bands can help stretch out your big toes and re-align any bunions that have developed over decades of wearing narrow shoes.  These can be used anytime on their own to help re-align your feet.  They can be used while wearing the toe spacers also.

Toe Band