Climbing Callus File STICK
Climbing Callus File STICK edges
Climbing Callus File STICK dimensions

Climbing Callus File | Curved | STICK


  • Rock Climbing Callus File for Fingers, Hands & Feet
  • Has multiple angles, corners and curvatures for large, medium and small areas.
  • Double sided, 80 grit (fine) & 120 grit (Coarse) to help file down small to large callouses and help smooth and even out areas.
  • The bare wood centre allows space for  your fingers to hold while you sand your other hand, preventing any unnecessary sanding of your tips.
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The only Rock Climbing Callus File you’ll ever need!

Essentially, your hands are the gatekeepers to the joys of climbing.  Protruding callouses can catch on sharp holds leading to tears, flappers or blisters.  By keeping your hands and nails smooth you can prevent climbing injuries and ultimately maximise your climbing time with less pain and problems.  For this reason our Rock Climbing Skin File STICK is the ultimate tool for the job!

This ergonomically designed wood emery board & sanding block has our maximum range of angles, corners and curvatures. Additionally it is dual sided with two levels of coarseness.  This combination ultimately helps you sand down bulbous callouses in even the most awkward areas of the hands.  

Four edge Climbing Callus File – (Round, Sharp, Curved, Flat)

Climbing Callus File STICK edges


Multiple edges help to file down small to large callouses evening out areas resulting in smoother skin.

Sharp Corners are very effective on creases as well as splits in order to get rid of the sharp edges.

The tighter round radius allows you to file down the larger splits.  Additionally, the larger curve and flat areas enable you to smooth out the calluses on your finger pads.

Double Sided Abrasiveness

80 & 120 grit

Climbing Callus File STICK PAPER

The Black 120 grit is the work horse for most climbers because it is more coarse and generally most often used to start on the larger areas.

The Grey 80 grit is a more finer sand paper that can be used for lighter smoothing out after using the more abrasive alternative.


Climbing Callus File STICK dimensions

With a length of 200mm, 30mm width and a height of 15mm, the Muscle Mountain Rock Climbing Callus File STICK is a convenient and elegant traveling companion.


If you are looking for a smaller more compact pocket friendly climbing file you should certainly check out our MAX version.