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Neck Stretcher

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  • Decompresses neck with gentle pressure. Choose between 5kg (light side down) or 9kg (dark side down) of pressure. Just bend and relax onto it.
  • Choose from 2 different neck shapes at either end for your desired comfort
  • Stretches Soft Tissue and Increases Blood Flow to Muscles
  • Readjusts spine alignment and supports neck comfortably
  • Helps relieve pinched nerves, joint pressure and headaches


Our neck stretcher helps alleviate neck pain, headaches, relieve muscle tension and improve posture with gentle cervical traction. Choose between 5kg of pressure by folding with the light side down.  Alternatively you can have a higher 9kg of pressure if you fold with the dark side down. Choose from 2 different shaped cut outs at either end, allowing you to select whichever is more comfortable.

This foam device works by folding the board creating stored (kinetic) energy like a spring.  Fold the neck stretcher and align it on the back of your neck (under the hair against your skin).  The weight of your head and neck will hold the board in place and the stored energy is forced into the neck to decompress the spine to relieve and tension and pressure.